Another reason why communication is crucial in Engineering

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I was sitting in a cafe in the heart of San Francisco, eating a strawberry cake with a cup of coffee. It was mid-June, the weather was warm, and I finished a technical interview. As I was drinking my coffee, I looked through the glass window of the cafe, watching cars and people passing by, and thinking about the number I just offered to the company to hire me. I was scared to lose the job but also scared not to negotiate. I gave them a number way more than my current salary; I was reluctant they accept and to…

Tips for better communicative writing in tech industry

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We live in the age of remote communication, where most of our daily interactions happen over the wire. We text our friends, browse social media, comment on others’ posts and pictures. At work, we communicate over Messaging Applications like Slack most of the day.

We have requirement documents for projects, planning documents for initiatives, so many types of materials that I cannot cover here. Even we put together sheets for camping trips. When we meet, we put down the agenda and goal of the meeting in the calendar. But worst of all…

from Glenn Harvey (

We never thought we would be Working From Home_WFH all the time. With the pandemic going on in many places around the world, more and more people are working remotely. Working from home can be challenging for some people, especially if they have kids or other people to take care of. For others, it can be tedious and depressing. But if we want to survive this pandemic, we need to be pragmatic.

By involving some simple changes to our lives, we can perform better at work and home. When I started to WFH, I was bewildered with managing my work…

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We all want to develop leadership skills. It is crucial in today’s world to develop strategic thinking and leadership qualities whether we are holding a leadership position or not. As an engineer, my day-to-day job involves a lot of these qualities. Being a better leader can make me a better engineer.

I started learning from the most successful leaders in the industry from books and courses. The latest course I took was from Master Class where I learned leadership and challenges faced in strategic thinking by Bob Iger.

Bob Iger has been leading Disney as the CEO from 2005 to…

The 4 step guide to

A guide on regulating your emotional culture at work 🌈

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We often think our private life is not the same as our work life. We tend to chunk our life into two sections, and we act differently by which life we are living. That is where the whole concept of work-life-balance shaped itself and encourages us even further to separate the world of our private life from our work life.

If you are working in a nine-to-five job, you are spending one-third of everyday time and a half of your productive time at work. Then, shouldn’t work be part of our life? …

The study

Nicholas Bloom and graduate student James Liang, who is also a co-founder of the Chinese travel website Ctrip, gave the staff at Ctrip’s call center the opportunity to volunteer to work from home for nine months. Half the volunteers were allowed to telecommute; the rest remained in the office as a control group. Survey responses and performance data collected at the conclusion of the study revealed that, in comparison with the employees who came into the office, the at-home workers were not only happier and less likely to quit but also more productive.

How often do you WFH (Work from…

How to build inclusive websites using the least effort

Maggie and I started working together months ago when I had this certain project and I had to get her help and collaborate with her to get it done. Maggie is the one who sparked the awfulness of the WEB for people who cannot use the WEB as regular users do. After I get to know her, I realized how painful is to navigate websites to just run my daily chores. I could no longer buy from Amazon within 5 seconds, or watch my favorite show lightning fast. When I add…

How to excel in your career without falling apart

The world around us is changing at the highest rate as ever. The technology increased the pace of our lives and as people working in the tech industry, we feel this even more than others. We constantly have to learn, keep up with new technologies, frameworks, programming languages, libraries, and many other things, even emojis.

Feedback in the tech industry series— Part two

In my idea, feedback looks like a double-edged sword, on one side, effective feedback can result in both personal and technical growth, increase performance, and eventually increase self-confidence. On the other side, It can exactly be the opposite, it brings frustration, lower motivation and paralyzes self-confidence which results in self-doubt. Therefore, it is crucial to pay attention to the construction of feedback, especially at work.

Although as we giving the feedback we have good intentions and want improvements in the other party, you can totally demolish the other person's motivation and dreams. …

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We all feel uncomfortable when getting judged and as a result, we do not want to put our selves into situations that others comment on our behavior or thoughts. We rarely put ourselves in any situation to get judged and get feedback. But nowadays, 360-degree annual reviews are getting common in tech companies, and if you are working in one of those companies that have feedback oriented culture or just a once a year 360-degree reviews, you need to get comfortable with hearing others judging you.

The unease and fear of hearing feedbacks make us put the annual reviews in…

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